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Our Story


Devoli Cakes offer a bespoke service to their clients whilst putting quality and care at the heart of their business. They specialise in designing and creating unique cakes for every occassion, and more recently have moved into the wedding sector whilst still offering birthday cakes.



My name is Amy and I am the owner of Devoli Cakes.

My ever growing passion for creating beautifully designed and delicately decorated cakes started from a very young age.

As children, my brother and I would spend many a weekend at my grandmother’s house. You could always find her in the kitchen, baking up some delicious treats for after our supper. I recall so fondly picking the home grown strawberries straight from the tub, eating homemade lemon curd off the spoon and whisking up some mud pies in the greenhouse.

These were all the makings of the baker and decorator I am today! Being around my Nana, watching and learning as she conducted her magic in the kitchen. The smell of apple pies and crumbles, welsh cakes, rock cakes and scones. Hearty desserts for the swashbuckling adventurer and her mud pie caking sidekick!

After university, marriage and children, my enthusiasm for cake decorating didn't waiver and I finally enrolled at my local college on a sugar craft course and before I knew it, Devoli Cakes was born!

I am at my happiest when I am using my creative skills to create the perfect cake for my client. I put every ounce of time, love and care into my work, dedicating my full attention to each and every single cake.

And as my Nana would say ... "we are baking with love and creating a smile"

Love, Amy x

Our Promise


Devoli Cakes will use only the finest local ingredients and our close attention to detail to create a cake that will become the perfect addition to your special day.

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